Customer Service Center

Turn 5 Customer Service Center

As with any growing business, you’re only as successful as the team you’ve put together. For AmericanMuscle, the customer service department stands on the front line for the ever-growing Mustang, F150 and Wrangler markets, taking orders, assisting customers with their cars, their project builds and making sure everyone who calls in is taken care of. To accomplish this, employees require a space that is custom-tailored to their specific needs, so with the final weeks of 2015 winding down, Turn 5 put the final touches on a brand new 17,000 square foot facility solely dedicated to their customer service department. The new space is modern, spacious and fully equipped to handle the needs of call center representatives. Custom features include a build-in shop area, in-ground dyno for testing tunes and modifications, a lift, high ceilings with skylights, sound canceling white noise amplifiers and a full in-house cafe. By partnering with IMC Construction to get the place built as quickly as possible, Turn 5 was able to meet ever-increasing customer demand by moving fast, identifying key needs and focusing resources towards essential expansion projects such as the new call center.

Turn 5 Contact Center