Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships & Grants

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As a company built on innovation and determination, Turn 5 offers two separate scholarship programs for students chasing their dreams. The automotive aftermarket is driven by sharp, youthful-minded people with a passion for the cars they work on as well as the communities they live in. It is with this in mind that Turn 5 kick-started two separate scholarship opportunities, one for students after a post-secondary degree in an automotive field of study and the other appealing to those studying the environment and carrying a passion for the wellbeing of what surrounds us.

In furtherance of that vision, Turn 5 also supports the cleanup and preservation of local off-roading trails, access that is vital to the Jeep culture and the value system that powers

The AmericanMuscle Automotive Scholarship

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Having provided students with an option to further cover rising tuition costs, the AmericanMuscle Student Scholarship program was built to help those who have a passion for the industry achieve greatness. There are thousands of students out there with brilliant ideas and innovative minds looking to make a difference in aftermarket automotive and it is with them in mind that AM gives out $8,000 a year to current and prospective students of post-secondary educational institutions. To date, over $24,000 has been awarded to twelve students dating back to 2013. If you or someone you know has a passion for automotive and is actively seeking a degree in a related field of study, make sure to fill out the application and submit an essay to AM’s automotive scholarship program before the start of the semester.

ExtremeTerrain’s Scholarship and Clean Trail Initiatives


Proper education and access to land and trails are essential to the Jeep community and are part of the core values of ExtremeTerrain. When it comes down to it, the culture and the community cannot exist without a place to ride, a trail to take or a sight to be seen. It is with this in mind XT has developed a scholarship opportunity for passionate students pursuing a post-secondary education in the field of environmental studies or a similar area of focus. We want passionate and educated people making decisions that could affect both nature and the Jeeping culture.

Off-roading can take its toll on the trails, and to help preserve the diminishing number of off-roading locations throughout the US, ExtremeTerrain awards grants to off-roading communities in an effort to help clean, repair and maintain existing off-road routes. To date, XT has awarded over $20,000 in grants to groups that share a passion for preserving the opportunity to go off-roading.