Business Essentials

Passionate people, a strong culture, industry specialization and tenacity–all qualities revered and sought after in any new business and especially at Turn 5. For the business to be successful, Steve Voudouris & Turn 5 know they need to attract experts in each field, people who not only know their roles better than the rest, but also bring a level of intensity that uplifts those around them. It’s a top-down and bottom-up strategy all in one. When the leaders of a company are transparently invested in those four qualities there’s a natural draw for like minded people to hop on the bus with you. Conversely, when people of the same cut start working with an impassioned core of leaders, the message resonates back to those doing the hiring and what you’re left with is a strong group of capable people all working in tandem towards a common goal. It’s not a difficult concept to buy into, but execution is key–it’s one thing to say your company holds true to the four essential company qualities, but it’s putting them into practice that’s the monumental challenge you must face as a modern business.