Turn 5 Rewards Its Team For Exceptional Customer Service


Customer Compliments Earn Turn 5 Employee a Free Mustang

Turn 5 puts customer service at the forefront of its mission to cater to each and every aftermarket enthusiast by working tirelessly to deliver the best parts for each customer’s build, every time they place an order. To accomplish such a feat, you need a passionate and motivated workforce of like-minded Mustang, F150, and Wrangler experts answering the phones and recommending the parts that are going to get you to where you want to go next.

Those very same people love to wrench on their rides as much as the next gearhead. So why not reward great customer service with a huge Thank You roaring from the dual exhaust on a bright red convertible V8 Mustang?

With all customer service reps receiving a compliment from a customer getting the opportunity to win one of AmericanMuscle’s very own project cars, the lucky winner of the AmericanMuscle Project Car Giveaway and a 2005 convertible GT Mustang was Jeff Lebre. Congratulations Jeff, your help in making other’s dreams come true earned you a shiny new Mustang!